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    Around 1250 the Saxons built a moated castle here, which was annexed by the Counts of Schaumburg at the end of the 13th century. At a later date a settlement was founded, which received its town charter in 1650. Today the population of the joint community of Sachsenhagen is  less than 2,000. 

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    Markt 1

    The town hall was one of the few buildings that were not destroyed by a major fire in 1633. Originally built in 1607, it was later completed with a Baroque tower with an octagonal roof lantern.

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    The tower in Sachsenhagen is what is left of a medieval castle complex which was built around 1250 AD. The castle was the seat of the noblemen who ruled the area and it became the nucleus of Sachsenhagen, which received a special charter in 1407, enhancing its position as an important settlement. The castle saw its heyday in the years around 1600 when famous Count Ernst of Holstein-Schaumburg lived there and extended the complex splendidly in Renaissance style. A stair tower, an ornate portal, and a fountain baisin with inscriptions originate from those days. From 1677 most of the buildings were torn down. You can look at the remaining building from the outside.