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    The settlement was founded as early as 500 AD and developed into an important village with many farms in the course of the following centuries. In 1847, at the time of the Industrial Revolution, the upward trend was again strengthened when Lindhorst got its own railway station. In those days coal mining prevailed in the area so that, even in the present, the housing estates of the mining community can still be seen next to splendid farmhouses in the town centre.

  • Brunkhorst Farm and multipurpose bakehouse Open or Close
    Eichhöfe 1


    After standing in Antendorf in the Aue Valley for more than a century, the ancient bakehouse was dismantled in 2008/2009 in order to be re-erected and restored on Brunkhorst Farm by the local costume group Lindhorst, who were assisted by a master carpenter. Today the building is not only used occasionally for baking, but also as a unique wedding location. On other days the outside facilities on Brunkhorst Farm are definitely worth seeing, too. For example, ducks and geese can be seen from spring on. Guided tours of the bakehouse take place by appointment only and in groups. Please contact Herr Werner Bremer by phone: 05725/6615.

  • The Lindhorst Mining Museum Open or Close
    Bahnhofstraße 37

    The Mining Museum is dedicated to the history of coal mining in the area in the 20th century. Among the more than 120 exhibits from the field of mining you can see mining uniforms, pit lamps, and mine telephones. Right next door you can take some refreshment at the farmyard café. The museum is open from Thursday to Sunday from 9am until 6pm. No fees are charged, but donations are welcome.