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    Rodenberg developed as a settlement adjacent to the medieval moated castle. It differed from the systematic foundations in Schaumburg such as Stadthagen and Rinteln, for the town had neither a central square with a church nor a school. Moreover, the Great Fire of 1859 destroyed large parts of the town, including the old town hall and most of the castle. In addition to the remains of the rampart walls and fortifications, which are accessible as an open-air exhibition today, only the Renaissance House of the Estates on the castle grounds has been preserved. Today Rodenberg has about 15,500 inhabitants.    

  • Rodenberg Museum Open or Close
    Amtsstraße 5

    Today the former House of the Estates accommodates the town museum of Rodenberg. In the past the estates of the country in Schaumburg used the building as a meeting place. From 1950 to 1975 it was consecrated as a Roman Catholic church, which left traces in the hall that are still visible today. Traditional costume that was worn in the region for a very long time is shown in the exhibition, including various articles of clothing that were worn either in everyday life or on festive days. Happy events such as weddings were as perceptible from the costume as mourning periods. Open on Saturday and Sunday from 3pm until 5pm, the museum conveys a vivid impression of the history of the town of Rodenberg.

  • The Windmill Open or Close
    Windmühlenstraße 1

    The windmill on the hill called "Altenrodenberg" is generally considered the landmark of the town. As a true smock mill it is at ground level with its sail-arms nearly reaching the ground. Several times the mill has been damaged by violent storms. Since 2014 it has been open to the public. Inside there is an exhibition showing the history of the mill. You should go for a walk up the hill to the mill and enjoy the expansive view of the scenery.